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Vipre Antivirus

Antivirus as you know it is gone! Vipre has a houristic search to catch viruses before it even has the descriptions, and uses less of your system's memory than any other antivirus software on the market. Rated the best by several 3rd party testing groups.

Click the image and get a free 15 or 30 day trial and see how much better Vipre is than the rest!

Vipre Internet Security

Vipre Internet Security 2012

Vipre Antivirus with the Intelligent Vipre Firewall added to it. This software is trouble free, adjustable, and uses less of your system memory than any other internet security package in the world! It's strong, secure, and easy to manage, keeping your computer and your data safe from outside attack and compromise.

Microsoft Partner

Computer Sick?


Is it infected with Viruses, Malware or annoying Spyware?

We have a cure for your system! All your computer infections and infestations can be cured, and proper, quality, antivirus, antispyware, and antimalware software put into place to help keep it clean and healthy. Our techs also will take the time to teach you good computing habits and help you better understand computer, and Internet security.

With all the unsavory people on the internet, you need to be careful what you use on your computer and how you use it. No matter how well your system may be running, the best way to keep it that way is proper preventative measures. The use of some types of software will encourage computer problems, and often the free antivirus and free applications don't do what they're supposed to. Some of the really big names in preventive software can also not perform as they should.

Most of the time, we can get your system going again, and prevent you from losing all your valuable data, pictures and other valuables on your hard drive! We can back up your information to a CD, DVD or Flash drive for you, and we don't charge extra for doing that. We can also upgrade your operating system and not lose your data and other valuable information and files.

If you just need to have your system cleaned up by having Viruses, Malware, or spyware removed, and have the registry cleaned and optimized, or have undesirable software removed, to help it to run faster, we can help. You don't always have to upgrade your memory to get your system to run faster, although many proprietary computers don't really have enough memory when you first buy them. Many of the newer software programs require larger amounts of RAM (system memory) to run properly than many new systems have.

We can also upgrade many computers for much less than it would cost to purchase an equivalent new one.  Sometimes,  even a custom-built new computer can cost less than a proprietary one you could buy at one of the major retail outlets.

We also sell good, guaranteed used computers for those on a strict budget, or who really don't want to spend the money needed to purchase one of the newer, faster computer systems.

Our new, custom-built systems often cost much less than a proprietary computer with the same features, and we back all our systems with a full one (1) year warranty on all hardware!

Last, but not least, remember that we have free pickup and delivery within 40 miles of Perry, OK! This includes Stillwater, Perkins, Pawnee, Ponca City, Blackwell, and all points in between and around those areas. If you live farther away from Perry than 40 miles and are willing to meet us somewhere to keep our drive with the limit, there is still not charge for pickup and delivery.

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